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payday leads form mortgage leads networkMortgage Leads Network, a pioneer in the mortgage leads space since 1998, is pleased to now offer payday leads and live calls  from our proprietary network of payday lead generation web sites.

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payday leadsPayday Loan Lead Website Reviews

Who’s the best, and who doesn’t pass the test. Everything you need to know about payday loan lead selling sites.

There are a lot of websites out there providing leads for payday loans. Some are quality leads by reputable sources, and some are just plain trash. I’ve decided to research these sites myself and bring together a list of information to make your search easier. Here I have listed the top ten ranked payday lead related sites from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, with the keywords “payday loan leads”. Some of the high ranked sites weren’t payday lead providing sites, so I picked the top ten sites that were. I have also listed the prices of each sites’ leads, how these leads are obtained, the site’s return policy, and what kinds of leads they offer. I decided, after doing some research, to add in whether or not these companies have ripoff reports against them on (because we all know that there are a lot of scammers out there), and some of the information behind the reports. So enjoy!

After going through every top site on the most used search engines, I’ve compiled my own top ten. It is as follows:
My Top 10

Ranking and Name Why?
Featured Provider
Mortgage Leads Network
Mortgage Leads Network is new to the payday leads arena, but since they have such a good reputation with mortgage, foreclosure and credit repair leads, I suspect they will do well with pay day leads.  Their leads come from and allow you to see the lead and if it has been sold before you decide to buy it.  They also offer live calls and a fair return policy.  Minimum deposit is $50 and there is no minimum.  (888) 589-1837
1) The website looks very professional, and there’s a lot of information on how they get the leads, and the site repetitively states how ‘high quality’ the leads are and why. Overall, I think this is a good payday loan leads website. You can contact Lead Zumba at (888) 691-2860.
2) This site is simple to use, and they offer all kinds of leads. No return policy, but that’s definitely not uncommon. I’m happy that they state their prices right there on the first page, I didn’t have to hunt around at all. I also got a call back from customer service as soon as I entered my information. Very attentive :)
Lead Publisher can be reached at (888) 315-5415.
3) All of the information was relatively easy to find. I give the site an A+ for that. As for stating where the leads come from, there’s not much information on that. The prices are expensive, but hopefully you get what you pay for. They say over and over that they have high quality leads. If you want to contact them for leads, the number is (949)202-5115.
4) Other than the price, this site gave all of the information that I was looking for. It’s also reassuring that if a lead is bogus they’ll give you credit back. You can reach Leads Market at (888)666-7058.
5) You can reach T3 at (877)778-3532. I like how professional the web page is, and the terms of agreement does state that they aren’t liable, which doesn’t leave you wondering about a return policy. Hopefully that means that their leads are so good that they don’t need a return policy, but I doubt it.
6) This site answers all of my premeditated questions. They filter for things that I didn’t even know lead companies filtered for. There is a return policy, and they list the prices right there for everyone to see. I was happy with the site overall. I’m not too sure about buying leads from so many different providers, but I guess it’s worth a try. Seems like it’s pretty common. If you want to contact LCS Leads you can call them at (888)827-4480.
7) You can reach Lead Flash at (561)499-3329. I wasn’t totally dissatisfied with their website, but thought there was a lack of information. Two small pages of information, one of them wasn’t the easiest to find, just isn’t enough for me. More info please!!!
8) This is a legitimate site, with high reviews. They must have a ginormous database based solely on the fact that they have so many sources. I’m not too sure about buying secondhand leads though. And you can only contact Round Sky via email.
9) or Overall this sounds like a good idea. Hooking up lead sellers with lead buyers and vice versa seems to be working good for this site. The only issue I have is that the leads can’t possibly be of consistent quality because you’re buying from multiple different sellers. And there’s a pretty high minimum deposit.
10) All together this site had very little information. Other than what they offer, I couldn’t really find anything on a return policy or price. If you are interested in Global Matrix Leads the phone number is (866)749-1260.

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